Fourteen dreams came true Sunday evening as the Whiffenpoofs — the nation’s oldest collegiate a cappella group — let its newest members know they’re in. (Tap night is Wednesday.)

The list below includes the junior men who were admitted, and the a cappella group they were in when they were summoned forth to Valhalla:

Andy Berry – Spizzwinks(?)

Alex Caron – The Duke’s Men

Julian de Freitas – The Alley Cats

Brandon Hayse – The Duke’s Men

Reuben Hendler – The Duke’s Men

Max Henke – Spizzwinks(?)

Henry Gottfried – The Duke’s Men

Spencer Klavan – Redhot and Blue

Brandon Levin – Spizzwinks(?)

McKaye Nield – Mixed Company

Michael Protacio – The Alley Cats

Daniel Reardon – Out of the Blue

Bradley Travis – The Baker’s Dozen

Mike Young – The Baker’s Dozen

Levin, who is currently a member of the Spizzwinks(?) and President of the Yale College Council, told the News he is “just so, so excited and honored to be part of such a great group of singers.” Aw.

UPDATED: This afternoon the News was able to confirm the names of the 14 women chosen late last night to join Whim ‘n Rhythm, Yale’s all-senior, all-women a cappella group.

Just as above, the list below includes the names of junior women admitted, as well as the a cappella group they were in before they were summoned to Fólkvangr:

Stephanie Brandon – Mixed Company

Gale Harrington – Shades

Annie Hoang – New Blue

Jessica Jollie – Proof of the Pudding

Mary Kleshefsky – Redhot & Blue

Margaret Lazzarini – Proof of the Pudding

Hannah LaPalombara – Redhot & Blue

Dakota McCoy – New Blue

Katy Naples-Mitchell – Redhot & Blue

Julia Osterman – New Blue

Caitlin Parmer – Proof of the Pudding

Maeve Ricaurte – Mixed Company

Sara Stalla – Something Extra

Wan Joo Teo – New Blue

There they are, folks — the future kings and queens of Yale a cappella. Belt your heart out.