“The parkour scene in New Haven would be dope if Ronnell let it happen.”

“No, he’s from Canada. I heard he’s unreal at ice fishing.”

“Midnight sprint up East Rock?”

“I always pregame Yale Outdoors hikes.”

“Why don’t they have FOOT where there are actual mountains?”

“The Occupiers are the most hardcore campers in this city.”

“TUIB kids only dress like they like the outdoors.”

“Bro, what’s that Nepalese beer we had in Kathmandu last summer?”

“Skimboarding New Haven beaches is the worst.”

“How sick would it be if they filled the moats outside all the colleges with water?”

“No one who wears a North Face jacket has ever left the tri-state area.”

“Wanna cross-country ski to Alpha Delta?”

“My internship with Goldman is up in flames so I think I’m just gonna do an Everest summit attempt.”

“What’s that party where everyone dresses up like slutty skiers?”

“During Irene I was totally planning on kayaking down Elm Street.”

“I wrecked my shoulder while paragliding in New Zealand but it’s chill.”

“Why do the kids with the L.L. Bean boots pretend like they think the woods are cool?”

“I’m so pissed they’re not showing the X Games on NBC this year.”

“I really should’ve gone to Dartmouth.”