Louise Glück, a former U.S. poet laureate and Yale’s Rosenkranz Writer-in-Residence, may have taken her to a new medium this month: Yelp.

Ostensibly writing through a woman named “Krystal G.” on the popular review website, the Bollingen Prize-winner composed an ode to Heather’s Home Cleaning, a cleaning service in Berkeley, California.

Glück waxes poetic about her “dismal and faintly sordid” apartment, with “early dentist’s office” decorations. Just when one loses oneself in the boundless despair of Glück’s interior design, Heather’s Home Cleaning enters from stage left.

“Never have I seen clean like this,” Glück, or Krystal G., writes. “Walls and tiles changed color, surfaces I’d been reluctant to actually touch glittered.”

Glück then considers kidnapping one of the cleaning service’s brilliant workers for her “REAL house.”

If it was Glück after all, she may not have thought it her best work— as of Thursday morning, the comment had been “filtered.” Read it in full here.