A whole new wiki. An email sent to Yale students Tuesday night invited them to join in compiling all knowledge of Yale into one “Yale Wiki.” According to the email, the minds behind Yale Wiki will publish a freshman handbook for the class of 2016 based on information posted to the new site.

It’s that time. Underclassmen, get ready — colleges are holding meetings for housing for the 2012-’13 school year, including a meeting in Ezra Stiles last night.

Yale made her famous. Chen Yunyi, a 17-year-old Chinese student, has become the “latest household name” in China after scoring admission to Yale, the China Daily reported Monday. The article explains that Chen’s parents did not use “traditionally Chinese” parenting methods for raising their daughter, and instead opted to give her more freedom. “Neither is my husband a ‘wolf father,’ nor [am]Ia‘tigermother,’”Chen’s mother told the Sanxiang Metropolitan News.

A farewell to cash. In testimony to the state General Assembly’s Education Committee on Tuesday, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced his intention to cut $6.7 million in funding from the Connecticut Independent College Student grant program (CICS), which provides need-based scholarships to Connecticut students attending in-state private colleges. Malloy proposed the state cut the program for students attending schools with endowments greater than $200 million.

Flip-flop? Gov. Dannel Malloy backed out of a March rally with the Connecticut Parents Union after he found out the Union had teamed up with StudentsFirst, an organization led by the controversial former head of D.C. schools, Michelle Rhee, CTNewsJunkie reported.

End of an era. Guida’s Milk, a leading producer of milk in Connecticut that has gained a reputation for being family- owned, is no longer family- owned. The 20 Guida family members who owned the company sold it last week to a national cooperative of dairy farmers based in Kansas City, the Hartford Courant reported.

Every four years. Next Wednesday is the first Feb. 29 since 2008. Accordingly, the Yale College Council created a Facebook event Tuesday encouraging students to spend their one leap day at Yale at Toad’s Place.


1962 Leaders of the Directed Studies program announce that, starting with the class of 1965, sophomores enrolled in DS will have choose three of five courses on contemporary issues in the liberal arts.