Critics across Connecticut are weighing in on “Good Goods,” a new play written by playwright Christina Anderson DRA’ 11 and staged by acclaimed Steppenwolf Theatre Company director Tina Landau ‘84.

Good Goods, which opened Feb. 3 at the Yale Rep, follows a young black man named Stacey as he returns to his southern hometown to run the general store he has inherited from his father. (The store is named Good Goods.) But after an accident at a local factory kills a young man, his spirit comes back and possesses a woman’s body, setting up a showdown in the second act.

While Anderson’s take on the theme of possession and her examination of sexual and racial politics received high praise from the theater community, several critics commented on the evasive, disjointed nature of the play, leaving theatergoers with the question, ‘What was that about?’ Check out some reviews below:

“It’s a hot mess of a play and that description suggests its liveliness as well as its disjointed themes, staging and story-telling. The disconnect may seem more sloppy than strategic, but chances are you won’t be bored.” – Hartford Courant

“Good Goods possesses too many unexorcised ideas. […] The story loses credibility and even a director with as much talent as Tina Landau, can’t provide the holy water needed to rid it of its demons. The possession storyline seems more Saturday Night Live meets The Exorcist than serious drama.” – BroadwayWorld Connecticut

“Anderson’s resolution finally makes sense but the path toward it is sometimes meandering and difficult. […] The play demands that the performers adapt and so, too, must the audience. This is anything but shy, easy theater. Rather, it is full sensory experience provided by a gifted writer.” – Talkin’ Broadway

“Good Goods may start slowly, but it finishes strong. Hang on for a bumpy, wild ride.” – New Haven Register

“…a knockout performance that makes a trip to New Haven eminently worthwhile.” – Bloomberg Businessweek

Good Goods runs through Saturday, Feb. 25 at the Yale Repertory Theatre.