Yale, you are beautiful, no matter what the college dating site DateMySchool says. According to the website’s “hotness ratio,” Yale has the least attractive students in the Ivy League. The complex ratio, which the site determined by looking at how often its visitors saved profile pictures of students from each school, showed that Yale women are the least attractive in Ivies, while Yale men are at least cuter than those at Harvard, Cornell and Penn.

Want to connect? A new website launched on Tuesday allows students to communicate with others in the same classroom or library. Circa:Yale, created by Daniel Petkevich ’12, asks students for their location; once they’ve been located, students can chat with others in the same class. The site came out of the student- run programming class HackYale.

Her favorite things. Oprah Winfrey will join Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, for the launch of the Born This Way Foundation at Harvard’s Sanders Theater at the end of the month, Gaga announced on Tuesday.

Were they hungry? Two men robbed Five Guys Burgers and Fries at gunpoint late Sunday night, the New Haven Independent reported. The two came shortly after closing, demanding an employee give them cash as he took out the trash.

Slipping. A report out today from the state’s Office of Policy and Management shows that 80 percent of the 14,400 men released from Connecticut’s prisons in 2005 were re-arrested by 2010, and just under half were imprisoned again, according to the Hartford Courant.

Looking abroad. Last quarter, Yale bought a $23.2 million stake of stock traded on the China exchange, marking the University’s biggest purchase in the quarter. It also purchased a stake in Zipcar worth nearly $400,000, while selling its $800,000 stake in TiVo, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

Roman Mother? In a piece published in The Wall Street Journal, humorist Joe Queenan points out that Yale Law School professor Amy Chua’s claim that Chinese mothers are the best started a string of articles and books claiming that, in maternal matters, one ethnicity reigns supreme. “If I had to do it all over again, I’d come back as an Italian-American kid — in part because of the warmth, the affection, the passion and the generosity, but mostly because of the manicotti.”


1967 A group of students from Yale and other Connecticut schools travel to Hartford to encourage the legislature to lower the voting age to 18.