Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new ranking claims that all the single Yalies aren’t looking too good these days.

A college dating site — yes, those are real — called DateMySchool.com is claiming that, based on a mysterious “hotness ratio,” Yale is the ugliest college in the Ivy League, according to an article posted to the Atlantic Wire Tuesday morning. The dating site used statistics on how often a user’s profile picture was saved by other users on the website to get to this “hotness ratio.” We’re guessing the data is pretty accurate, since profile pictures are usually a good description of what someone looks like in real life.

Yale women came up last in the Ivy League, while Yale men eked out a victory in hotness over Harvard, Cornell and Penn. With the two scores combined, Yale ranked dead last. Yikes.

The website, started by two Columbia MBA grads, has 50,000 active users from 1,000 different schools, according to the Atlantic Wire.

[via Atlantic Wire]