As part of Sex Week 2012’s “Get Tested!” campaign, organizers have released a promotional video encouraging sexual health.

The video features a typical Yale student named “Eli,” who rocks a Yale sweatshirt and backwards “Y” baseball cap. As Eli shuffles through the libraries of life, narrator Spencer Klavan ’13 tells viewers about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexual behavior at Yale, ending his video with a message to “be happy, be healthy.”

The video is part of an effort to publicize Sex Week’s STI testing campaign that will take place next Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Staff members from the New Haven Public Health Department staff will bring an STI clinic and mobile testing van to Yale to offer free counseling and STI screenings. In addition, organizers are working to bring Planned Parenthood representatives to campus. Students who opt for an HIV test will receive private counseling and have their blood drawn, and other STI screenings may call for either blood or urine samples.

“The ‘Get Tested’ campaign seeks to make the [testing and counseling] process as easy as possible,” said Allie Bauer ’12, a member of the Yale Sexual Literacy Coalition. “Countless people have told me that they wanted to get tested but were given an appointment up to a month later, and by that point they did not think it was worth the effort.”

The video was created with the help of Maya, a student-run advertising and consulting firm on campus. Watch it below:

Get Tested Campaign!