Outrage over accounts of hazing published in Dartmouth’s campus newspaper has led to action from professors.

In late January, Dartmouth senior Andrew Lohse wrote an opinion article in the paper describing various disgusting hazing practices among the university’s fraternities. As a pledge, Lohse said he was made to drink a full cup of vinegar, swim through a pool full of bodily excrement and perform a number of acts too disgusting for Cross Campus report. (Just read the op-ed if you want the gory details.)

In response to Lohse’s piece, more than 100 Dartmouth professors signed a faculty letter late last week condemning hazing and calling on the university’s administration to take a stronger stance against hazing on campus.

“[Hazing] degrades their ability to learn and our ability to teach,” the letter reads. “It breaks down their understanding of right and wrong, of decency and indecency, and the lines between healthy sexuality and sexual assault.”