• The approval of ethnicity, race and migration as a stand-alone major last Thursday has left South Asian studies

    as the only major that must be taken with a second area of study.

    Since the mid-1980’s, Yale has offered five majors that could only be taken as second majors, four of which have since been replaced by stand-alone majors. Administrators and faculty interviewed said these “piggy back” majors are generally created on a trial basis until they acquire enough resources to stand on their own. While professors said achieving stand-alone status is a testament to a program’s coherence and rigor, they viewed the “piggy back” phase as useful for testing and growing a major.

  • Harvard and Princeton came under fire last week after an Indian-American student from California filed complaints with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights that he had been denied admission to the schools because of his race, Bloomberg reported Friday. The student’s allegations have stirred discussion among college officials and higher education experts as to whether racial discrimination plays a cloaked role in today’s college admissions process.
  • Despite a week of controversy, the Yale School of Public Health will not be withdrawing its invitation to the head of the nation’s largest breast cancer charity to speak in this year’s commencement. The school’s invitation to founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Nancy Brinker, came under doubt this week amid growing concern from faculty, students and staff over her foundation’s announcement last Wednesday that it would no longer provide funding for Planned Parenthood, a decision that has since been reversed.


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