Did you lie to your suitemate and say you found him/her a date for Freshman Screw already?

Do you think your suitemates will do a bad job finding you a date?

Do you even remember that Freshman Screw is this Saturday?

No more fear — one freshman has built a digital matchmaker service that will match you with the perfect date.

On Tuesday night, Davis Nguyen ’15 sent out an email to the freshman class inviting those frosh still looking to set up their friends to fill out a survey to enter his matchmaker service. It asks questions like “Does he/she have a race preference?” to “Does he/she want a date who wants to ‘pre-game’/hook up?” in hopes of optimizing the matching process. The survey records participants’ preferences and automatically organizes them onto a spreadsheet.

It all started on Sunday night, when Nguyen posted on the Yale College Class of 2015 Facebook group looking to set up a few of his friends.

“I couldn’t find dates for three friends by just talking to people, so I posted on Facebook. I left my computer for five minutes to go to the restroom, and when I got back, I had about 36 messages,” Nguyen said.

Within a day, Nguyen had set up 42 couples after five hours’ worth of work, and before he knew it, he could no longer pair all the requests by hand. An hour after the email was sent, Nguyen said around twenty people had already submitted requests. Participants will be informed of the chosen screw date on Thursday night.