Whether you’re searching for college advice or just interested in how the tiger mother’s children are faring – look no further than New Tiger In Town, the blog of Harvard freshman Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, Amy Chua’s daughter.

Reading her blog, one can tell Chua-Rubenfeld has flourished under her parents. She writes eloquently on interesting topics, with a bit of sarcasm and a sense of realism. Her writing is to the point, and clearly shows a well-balanced upbringing.

On her blog, which features recaps of the family’s trips abroad, Chua-Rubenfeld answers questions about schooling and her life, and gives advice on books to read. In addition, she writes posts on “How to Study Like a Tiger Cub”, a trip down the red carpet with her mom, and her summer job experience as a waitress. But her blog is more than an advice column and photo diary; it gives readers a deeper image of her life — with entries on her grandfather’s passing and aunt’s engagement. Though different from her mother’s book in many ways, Chua-Rubenfeld’s blog expresses her ideas through the same blend of personal anecdote and direct message as does the “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.”

Though she has only published 28 posts, New Tiger in Town has acquired nearly 684,000 hits since Chua-Rubenfeld started the blog last April. Many of her posts rake in more than 50 comments, and over 1000 readers follow her. With its witty tone and compelling subject matter for students and parents alike, New Tiger in Town proves its strong potential for staying power.

Chua-Rubenfeld was unable to be reached to comment.