In a Tuesday email to the Yale community, Deputy Provost Stephanie Spangler released a report outlining cases of sexual misconduct brought to University officials between July and December of 2011.

Twenty-nine Yale undergraduates brought sexual misconduct complaints to the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct, Yale’s Title IX Coordinators and the Yale Police Department, according to the report.

“The number and scope of complaints make it abundantly clear that there is more that we must do as a community and as individuals to prevent sexual misconduct and to ensure that Yale’s culture is optimally supportive and unfailingly respectful of all individuals,” Spangler said in an email to the Yale community.

Consistent with the November recommendations by the Advisory Committee on Campus Climate, the report released today is part of the University’s ongoing initiatives to improve sexual misconduct awareness and prevention on campus, Spangler said in a Tuesday interview with the News. Spangler said she thinks the report is in line with the Advisory Committee’s recommendation to promote increased transparency of sexual misconduct issues on campus. She added that administrators had discussed putting together a comprehensive report on sexual misconduct since the establishment of the UWC last July.

University President Richard Levin said in an email response to the Yale community that the report “exceeds any legal mandate.”

“Let me be very clear: There is no place for any form of sexual misconduct on our campus,” Levin said in his response. “It is inimical to the values of Yale and undermines our educational purpose.”

Of the 12 cases filed with the UWC, five were formal complaints while seven were informal. Resolutions to two of the formal complaints are still pending.

Spangler said the University plans to publish a similar report of sexual misconduct complaints twice a year, adding that the next one is scheduled to be released in July.