This very evening, Brooklyn-based “Robot Death Kites” will be hitting the scenes of New Haven with a little bit of WEEKEND love in tow. Along with “Nursing Home,” they’ll be playing at the Elm Bar in a show starting at 9pm. Guitar and bass player Jon Fuhrer is the older brother of Zach Fuhrer ’11, former scenester and WEEKEND editor. Here’s what he’s got to say about the band:

Living in Brooklyn as a musician, I noticed how a lot of the smaller venues were dominated by the so-called indie-sound. I wanted to hear and make music that was more aggressive, angular, and visceral sounding that featured lyrical content that was more satirical, political, and confrontational. I started writing the music for this project in the Fall of 2010 and put the group together in August 2011 after finding my musical counterparts.

$3 cover fee; 21+. A WEEKEND connection might snag you free entrace.