So popular. A Law School class on administrative law taught by a professor visiting from Stanford ended up with over 100 students on its waitlist, meaning many third-year students were turned away, the website Above the Law reported. After students complained, the school added a new section of the course, with no size restriction.

Less popular. Harvard College saw a 1.9 percent drop in applications this year, the Harvard Crimson reported Thursday. All told, 34,285 students applied for admission to the college, down 665 applications from last year. This is the first time in five years that Harvard has seen a drop in total application numbers. By contrast, Yale received 5.8 percent more applications than last year, a total of 28,870 applications.

From surplus to deficit. Connecticut is currently looking at a budget deficit of $144.5 million; two months ago, the state was predicting it would have a $100 million surplus, the Hartford Courant reported Thursday. The state’s ties to Wall Street are part of the problem — as a result of a downturn in holiday bonuses, wealthy bankers living in Fairfield County did not produce as much tax revenue.

Stricter reviews. At a Wednesday night neighborhood meeting in Dixwell, New Haven Police Department Chief Dean Esserman pledged stricter review of all Taser use. He defended the Tasers, saying they can actually save lives, but added that supervisors will now teach use of a Taser “as if with guns,” the New Haven Independent reported.

Young and famous. A new video posted to YouTube Wednesday features Allison Williams ’10 behind the scenes of “Girls,” an upcoming HBO series in which Williams has a lead role. Directed by upcoming star Lena Dunham and produced by Judd Apatow, “Girls” will debut at the South By Southwest Film Festival in March and on HBO in April.

The last word? Joshua Komisarjevsky, the 31-year-old who last fall was convicted in the infamous Cheshire murders, is expected to speak today before a judge formally sentences him to death, the Hartford Courant reported.

Mmmmm yummy. Timothy Dwight College had a catered Miya’s dinner in its dining hall. One source says there were “so many tasty options,” including the famously crunchy Tokyo Fro.


1878 Today is the last day without a daily newspaper on campus — the Yale Daily News will be founded the next day, “justified by the dullness of the times, and by the demand for news among us.”