Undergraduates for the Best Yale College has it all figured out.

Imagine a world with trampolines in every college courtyard, Berkeley Mac & Cheese in every dining hall and puppies in every library, Skappo on Chapel Street — no, we’re not talking about Duloc, or Yale Law School. This, my friends, is the wondrous @BestYale, a Twitter account that dares to dream of the magical place that Yale College could actually be.

Do you miss Provost Peter Salovey’s moustache? We all do. BestYale wants to preserve it for posterity.

Are your master’s kids not as adorable anymore? Replace them with cuter upgrades. BestYale can do that for you.

Yale administration, listen up. There’s a lot more we could be doing if we want to have the @BestYale possible, and this Twitter account is a good start.