After last Wednesday’s historic defeat of Trinity College, the Yale’s men’s and women’s squash teams continued their undefeated rampage this weekend.

Friday, the No. 2 men’s team traveled to Rochester, N.Y., and defeated the No. 11 University of Western Ontario. Then, on Saturday, the team returned to the Brady Squash Center to host the No. 4 University of Rochester and won a close victory, which brought the Elis’ season record to 9–0.

Meanwhile, the No. 2 women’s team traveled to South Hadley, Mass., for the Pioneer Invitational, where it defeated No. 12 Mount Holyoke, No. 22 Colby and No. 20 Wesleyan. The wins brought the Elis’ perfect season to 10–0. Yale won every match.

Last year’s individual championships winner Millie Tomlinson ’14 played her usual No. 1 spot against Mount Holyoke and Wesleyan, but in the matches against schools that are not as competitive as Yale’s usual opponents, head coach David Talbott sometimes decided to move more players up to the top nine.

“Although only nine players compete in each match, we have 18 players on the team who all play an equally important role,” Tomlinson said. “Our team [has] incredible depth, and I feel that we are very strong all the way down the ladder.”

Tomlinson added that every member is motivated to achieve the team’s goal of a second consecutive national championship this season.

The teams to watch out for include Penn, Princeton, Harvard and Trinity, Tomlinson said. Earlier this season, Yale lost to Harvard in an Ivy scrimmage’s final, but Tomlinson said the team took the loss as motivation to improve for the regular season.

Against Western Ontario, the men’s team mostly followed their usual lineup, but Joseph Roberts ’15 played No. 9 instead of Charlie Wyatt ’14. Yale won the contest 8–1.

But on Saturday against Rochester the score came much closer. Yale managed to win five matches early on, but Rochester held the final score at 5–4.

The Elis fought hard to win at the No. 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 spots. At the No. 3 spot, Yale’s Richard Dodd ’13 played Rochester’s Adam Perkiomaki in a close match that went to five games. Rochester took an 8–1 lead in the first game, but Dodd came back for a 12–10 overtime victory.

Similar Yale comebacks were scattered throughout the evening. Having lost his first two sets, Yale’s No. 6 Neil Martin ’14 won the next three to take the match.

No. 2 Hywel Robinson ’14 also managed to come back from a 0–2 start and win the next three sets.

But not every player managed to come back from a rough start. At the No. 9 spot Wyatt lost 0–3 to Rochester’s Juan Pablo Gaviria. At No. 8, Rochester’s Mohamed Maksoud defeated Yale’s Sam Clayman ’12 3–1.

At the No. 5 spot, captain Ryan Dowd ’12 swept his set 3–0 against Rochester’s Matt Domenick. Dowd brought Yale’s score to 4–2. No. 7 Robert Berner ’12 finished the meet when he also swept his match.

The Yellowjackets also showed themselves capable of sweeping sets and took two matches 3–0, including the No. 1 spot.

Dowd said he was happy with the outcome overall.

“Our season so far has been great. We won a few big matches — Cornell, Trinity and Rochester — 5–4, and that is a huge start,” Dowd said. “We need to continue the rest of the season and play with more confidence at the beginning of the match.”

Dowd added that the Elis have yet to play two of their toughest opponents, Princeton and Harvard.

Playing out his last season, Dowd added that he is confident the younger players will carry on Yale’s tradition of squash excellence.

“We have a few young guys who are just really great. Neil Martin and Charlie Wyatt, who usually play at six and nine, both pulled some great wins,” Dowd said.

Next Tuesday, both teams will take on Brown in Providence, R.I.