What has the Yale College Council done this year, anyway?

In case the mid-year report released earlier this week by the Yale College Council left you feeling unsatisfied or underinformed, the YCC also launched a self-promotional website today that publicizes the group’s innumerable accomplishments by answering the age-old question, “What has the YCC done this year?”

The website features a myriad of answers to the big question, such as “Collaborated with dining to provide you seven $7 meal combos that can be purchased with your lunch meal swipes” and “Marking the Yale College Council’s most transformative initiative in the realm of mental health, YCC and Yale Health collaborated on the Yale Mental Health Fellows initiative.” The website also prompts users to click a button with things like “I’m unimpressed,” “Big deal. What else?” and “I could do that in my sleep” that moves onto another substantial YCC achievement.

“This year’s YCC has been very much focused on attainable goals for our student body, and we’ve had some new and important accomplishments this year that we wanted to share with everyone,” said Dan Stein ’14, the web developer who created the site, in a Tuesday email. “The site is a fun and funny complement to the mid-year report. It’s shopping period — why not have some fun?” (Stein is a Cross Campus contributing blogger and a staff reporter for the News.)

The website is modeled off a similar site called “What the heck has Obama done so far?” that was created to quiet down President Barack Obama’s haters. So YCC haters, back off!