Every day, in every way, Yalies are supposed to strive for the best. During shopping period that translates into a nasty twice-yearly sale, where nothing is actually on sale, especially not textbooks, and everyone is stressed because OMG we have to take the best classes! A key part of this ritual is receiving hordes of promotional emails.

But now comes a rando website that’s not just for regular Elis — it’s for baller scholars.

An email sent out early this morning — just after the email from Everything Useful — from the mysterious but aptly named ‘Yet Another Yale Student Website Creator’ encourages students to “get the best deals so you don’t have to quintuple-mortgage the family farm just to take a science credit.” Cross Campus is certain a brusque “uhwhut” followed by a curt “kthx” were mentally beamed back to this suggestion from all across campus.

Apparently, using YetAnotherYaleTextbookWebsite.com will help you “realize your full potential.” Pumped? The site seems to be an attempt at a central directory, and lists twelve potential sources for purchasing or renting textbooks textbooks, including Amazon, BookRenter.com and the YCC-YHHAP Book Exchange.

Of equal interest is sister site YetAnotherYaleBluebookWebsite.com, which, while offering a smaller selection of only six bluebooking options (one of which is OCS – r u srs?), may be equally valuable to the confused Yalie.

It as yet unclear whether they were created by some jerk who doesn’t have reading yet or an altruistic soul just trying to make our lives easier, or whether this is all one big LOL. We’re leaning toward the LOL.