Shopping Period can be a weird and unsettling time for Yalies so accustomed to well-ordered lives, but it is also a time of many notable quotable moments. We’re compiling them here at Cross Campus in a series we call Shopping Period Dispatches.

In PLSC 271: Gateway to American Public Policy, Prof. Jacob Hacker opened with a joke about keeping his first lecture short, quoting an evaluation he once received from a student: “Professor Hacker, if I had 15 minutes to live, I’d want to spend it in your class. That way it would feel like an hour.”

A student then proceeded to walk out.

English 120 Prof. Ryan Wepler started the seminar with a 30 minute analysis of what makes Rebecca Black’s “Friday” bad art. He introduced her as America’s “new prophet of art” and provided students with a copy of the lyrics. Unfortunately, he did not play the song or video.