Harvard College accepted 772 of 4,231 early applicants this year, while Princeton University offered admission to 726 of 3,443 early candidates, the Harvard Crimson and Daily Princetonian reported Thursday. These decisions come as Harvard and Princeton reinstate early admission policies after a four-year hiatus.

Harvard admitted fewer early applicants this year than it has in the past, when between 813 and 902 were admitted from applicant pools that ranged from 3,869 to 4,214. Overall, Harvard accepted 18 percent of early applicants on Thursday.

“Their academic, extracurricular, and personal promise are remarkable by any standard, and it will be exciting to follow their progress over the next four years and beyond,” said William R. Fitzsimmons, Harvard’s dean of admissions and financial aid, in a press statement Thursday.

At Harvard, 2,838 students were deferred to regular admission while 546 were denied admission. Princeton deferred 1,921 applicants to the regular pool and denied admission to 796 applicants, making for a 21 percent early acceptance rate.

Yale notified early applicants of its decisions on Thursday, but did not release its application statistics.