Communication and Consent Educators will lead an interactive consent workshop for freshmen late next month, Yale College Dean Mary Miller announced in a Tuesday email to freshmen.

The workshop will take place in students’ freshman counselor groups and “will examine the signals people use to distinguish among agreement, refusal and ambiguity,” Miller said in the email. She called the workshop —which was developed by deans, freshman counselors and the CCEs — “a particularly important piece” of ongoing efforts to expand resources for dealing with sexual misconduct.

Yale College created its team of CCEs — 40 trained undergraduates from diverse residential colleges — this fall with the goal of having them supervise sexual misconduct training for student leaders and bystander intervention training for sophomores. Their role expanded to include training for freshmen after several freshmen counselors said they felt uncomfortable presenting a risk reduction workshop to freshmen, but Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Melanie Boyd ’90 told the News in September that the CCEs would tackle only two of those three initiatives this year.

In an email earlier on Tuesday, Miller announced that leaders of student organizations and varsity teams will be required to attend mandatory “leadership development” sessions, also in late January, which include training on sexual misconduct prevention. However, at least for this year those sessions will be led by faculty and administrators only and not the CCEs, Deputy Provost Stephanie Spangler said.