Two members of Occupy New Haven and another male were arrested and charged with Breach of Peace Friday afternoon after a fight broke out over the orientation of the American flag at the campsite.

Clad in red, white and blue, Zequir Berishai, 69, arrived at the Occupy campsite around 4 p.m. with an American flag on a pole, according to a New Haven Police Department press release. Berishai, upset at the Occupy group for flying an American flag upside down, yelled at several campers, and a fight ensued.

NHPD officers were dispatched at 4:18 p.m. and arrested Berishai and two Occupiers, Broderick Lee, 28, and Shawn Nardell, 25, without further incident. The three arrests are the first for New Haven’s Occupy movement.

Elsewhere in the country, over 4,000 arrests have been made in association with Occupy movements, according to the OccupyArrests blog.