Still popular. Around 250 students applied for Stanley McChrystal’s “Leadership” seminar by Monday’s application deadline, Jackson Institute Director James Levinsohn said. The class can admit 20 students, who will be notified via email of their acceptance by Jan. 6, 2012.

More progress in JE. Just before Jonathan Edwards Dean Kyle Farley announced on Wednesday that math professor Conor Frailey GRD ’12 will be his replacement, Farley’s young son, Jasper, took his longest walk yet, Farley said.

End of an era. Steven Smith, a political science professor and former Branford College master, announced that his Wednesday lecture for the popular course “Introduction to Political Philosophy” would be his last for the foreseeable future, Smith told students at the end of Wednesday’s lecture. He will be pursuing new paths as he awaits the publication of his latest book, which was accepted for publication by the Yale University Press.

Fancy day. Professor John Lewis Gaddis was spotted having an elaborate lunch with a student in Silliman College. The pair had their own table covered with a tablecloth and a student server who delivered their food.

Ivy unity. Kevin Olusola ’11, who on Monday night was crowned champion of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” as part of the a cappella group Pentatonix, posted a video to YouTube on Wednesday in which he, Harvard grad Tara Kamanger and Penn grad Antoniette Costa perform an original song called “Stranded.”

They have been chosen. Graduate and undergraduate students admitted to “Studies in Grand Strategy” learned of their acceptance in an email sent to students on Wednesday. Over 100 students applied for 40 slots in the seminar, the email said.

He’s coming. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas LAW ’74 will visit Yale Law School on Dec. 14 to speak to the Yale Federalist Society and to the Black Law Students Association. Thomas will not make a public appearance.

Rebel yell. Occupy New Haven began flying the American flag upside down in its encampment on the New Haven Green as a symbol of national distress, the New Haven Register reported.


1947 A mysterious Rumanian dignitary sit through the University’s annual Budget Drive banquet before revealing himself to be University Chaplain Sidney Lovett, tearing off a mustache and declaring, “The iron curtain is nothing but a Venetian blind.”