A city employee took his love for his boss to a new level, receiving a tattoo of Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s face on his right arm, CT.com reported.

The employee, who asked not to be named, had DeStefano’s portrait tattooed on his bicep in honor of DeStefano’s record-setting ninth electoral win nearly three weeks ago. Underneath the portrait, the words “original gangsta” are written in an old English font.

The employee said DeStefano is “just one of [his] heroes” — Morrissey and Pee Wee Herman also made the cut — and said he likes DeStefano because the mayor gave him a job.

“There are some people in the world who are born winners. That’s John DeStefano. Then there are some people who are born losers. That’s Jeffrey Kerekes,” the employee said, making reference to DeStefano’s victory in this month’s mayoral election.

City Hall spokesman Adam Joseph told CT.com the mayor got a little kick out of the idea that he was inked on someone’s arm, but did not make a direct comment. Several elected officials made donations to the tattoo, including Ward 9 alderwoman-elect Jessica Holmes and Ward 7 alderman-elect Doug Hausladen ’04, who the employee says both made small contributions.

Though he admitted to ct.com that the tattoo is a silly concept, the tattooed man does not think he will regret it.

“People say to me, ‘you are crazy, what are you going to tell your grandchildren 40 years from now when they ask you about that tattoo,'” the employee said. “I say, ‘what are you talking about? In 40 years John DeStefano is still going to be mayor.'”

DeStefano defeated Kerekes by a final count of 8,556 votes to 6,901.