A week after Harvard College administrators discussed the addition of an LGBTQ question to the application for admission, Dean of Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel said Yale will be adding no such question to its application in the coming year.

A question asking applicants to label their sexual preference or gender identity may create unfair dilemmas for students afraid of answering honestly, or for those who worry about whether it might affect their admissions chances, Brenzel said in a Monday email to the News.

“Given that we neither preference nor disadvantage LGBTQ students in our admissions process, we think it may be best not to present applicants with a question that might possibly create more concerns or questions than it resolves,” Brenzel said.

The Crimson reported last Wednesday that Harvard College is considering adding a sexual orientation question to its application. At Harvard, identifying as LGBT would not act as an advantage in the application process.

“We want to send a positive signal to students who are grappling with the issue of [sexual orientation] or gender identity,” William R. Fitzsimmons, Harvard’s dean of admissions, said.