For now, it looks like the QPac bus will keep on rolling.

Earlier this week, Dattco, the company which provides Quinnipiac University’s shuttle service to downtown New Haven, threatened to cut off service to the school after almost 40 students were charged with public urination in the past two months alone. But the Quinnipiac Chronicle reported that the university has repaired its relation with the Dattco, and that the university maintains that the earlier threats were a “miscommunication.”

That wasn’t the only miscommunication — New Haven Police Department spokesman David Hartman told the Chronicle that 80 to 90 students from QPac were cited for public urination, not 38 as originally reported.

Now, Yalies, we have to stay calm here. We must remember that New Haven is a city, and just like any city, it has some problems, such as drunk college students urinating on everything. No judgments yet.

A similar report from QPac’s independent newspaper, the Quad News, also noted that students getting off the bus were often severely intoxicated. One New Haven Police Department official said that the NHPD sometimes has to send students straight to the hospital right when they emerge from the bus.