Last night, I had the opportunity to attend a fascinating talk about the complexities of fighting terrorism. Professor Asa Kasher, a philosopher from Tel Aviv University who helped write the Israeli Defense Force’s Code of Ethics, spoke on Israel’s protection of human dignity when fighting terrorists. He described the seven-step process behind a targeted killing of a terrorist. From the initial authorization for a targeted killing operation to its execution, the Israeli military has designed a system of checks and balances to ensure that the human dignity of soldiers, bystanders, and even the terrorists is protected. The IDF uses more precautionary tactics — such as dropping warning leaflets and making phone calls to bystanders — than any other military force.

Professor Kasher portrayed that while fighting terrorists is indeed a messy undertaking, Israel takes this task seriously because it is a core of what Israel — or any other democracy — must do to fulfill its obligation to protect the lives of its citizens.

Byron Edwards

Nov. 14

The writer is a junior in Silliman College.