The biggest boss. Gen. Stanley McChrystal will be returning to teach his seminar on “Leadership” in the spring semester, and applications for one of 20 spots in the class are now available online. To apply, students must submit an unofficial transcript, résumé and statement explaining their qualifications for the class, and how the class might further their educational and vocational goals. Applications are due Nov. 28 at noon.

Immortal Dan. A bronze statue of the original Handsome Dan, who died in 1898, was erected Wednesday at the Yale Bowl. The statue is based on the dog’s actual remains, which were stuffed shortly after his death and now sit in the Yale trophy room.

We have a winner! Judith Schiff, Yale’s chief research archivist for 40 years, was named the inaugural recipient of the Edward Bouchet Legacy Award. The award is named after Edward Alexander Bouchet 1874 GRD 1876, the first African-American to earn a doctorate from an American university.

More winners! Twelve junior faculty members were awarded prizes for their research and teaching Wednesday night. The Greer, Heyman and Poorvu prizes are designed to give early public recognition to the accomplishments of untenured ladder faculty — Yale College Dean Mary Miller said the prizes “can be career-changing.”

Latino Pride. Ezra Stiles’ dining hall was closed Wednesday night to host a dinner in honor of Latino Heritage Month. Moises Vela, the first gay Latino to serve twice in a senior executive role in the White House, delivered the keynote speech.

A bunch of grandpas, that’s what they are. Connecticut’s drivers are the second safest in the nation, according to rankings released by on Wednesday. The safest drivers come from Rhode Island, according to the rankings; the most reckless come from Southern states like Louisiana, Missouri and Texas. Hooligans!

Back to school, kids. Students in the Hartford area finally returned to school on Wednesday now that their schools have regained power after last month’s Nor’easter knocked out electricity.

Something new. The Yale Daily News Magazine will begin circulating today. Check out to see its redesigned website.


1942 The National Ski Patrol began soliciting applicants on campus via the Yale Outing Club.