A power shortage at United Illuminating led to power outages late Monday morning at the Medical School and in the Dwight neighborhood that’s home to numerous off-campus students, according to an email from the Emergency Management Office.

“Some parts went on generator power where that was available and we put additional police and security presence where we needed it,” Deputy Secretary for the University Martha Highsmith said. “There were no issues at all.”

At the medical school, buildings affected included Doctor’s Building, Seamco, 470 Congress Avenue and 100 South Church Street. Michael Capello, who works at the Child Health Research Center located in the Seamco building, said that the outage had “minimal effect” in their lab. They did not lose much data and that their equipment was fully functional when power returned three hours later, Capello said.

The Yale-New Haven Hospital, which keeps its own power generator to provide efficient care to their patients, did not lose power at all, Medical School Dean Robert Alpern said. He added that classes at the medical school continued normally.

However, other off-campus areas, which do not have a power generator, were affected. Kasabah Garden Café, located in this area, had to turn away some customers because they could not “seat their customers in the dark,” the manager said. Police had to step in to direct traffic at the intersection of Howe Street and Edgewood Avenue after the traffic light went out.

Power was restored at 3:45 p.m.