The hunt has begun in Vanderbilt.

At midnight on Sunday, Branford freshmen officially started their game of “Assassins,” the ultimate game of mystery tag that periodically casts a terrifying spell of doubt and distrusts on Yale’s residential colleges.

Emma Schmidt ’15, the coordinator for Branford, said she got the idea to arrange the game after hearing about Pierson and Davenport freshmen holding the competition. It took a little over a week for her to arrange the game via the Branford Class of 2015 Facebook page. Over 70 of the 116 members on the group page are signed up to play, she said, and players get word of their targets Sunday afternoon.

The rules state that dining halls, classrooms and dorms are off limits. To “kill” a target, a player must poke them in the torso with a spoon. If a target is hit, the player must take on the former player’s target and notify Schmidt of their accomplishments.

The game, Schmidt said, was meant to help students get to know each other.

“I’ve never been more scared in my life,” said Andy Zhang’ 15, who said he is now equipped with a metal spoon, for opportunity can come when one least expects her.

Fabian Fernandez ’15, a Davenport frosh, said that when his college played assassins, the Freshman Counselors were the easiest targets to exploit, adding that students could just text FroCos for help to lure them out of their room.

FroCos in Vandy are already hesitant to let freshman steer them from their room.

“If they wanna play dirty, I’m duty bound not to,” said FroCo Charlie Sharzer’ 12. “But when it comes down to that point [winning the game or helping freshmen], froco comes first.”

The Davenport game, which featured players using water pistols, started over a week ago and remains unresolved, said Fernandez. Schmidt said she hopes Branford’s game does not drag on more than a week.

“On the first day, a lot of people always get out,” she said. “Then it sort of tapers off as people begin to learn their strategies.”

Yet, already Vandy occupants have armed themselves with several spoons and have become more cautious when it comes to opening the door. A terror has gripped Old Campus.