If you missed the chance to meet the three Four Loko founders on Wednesday night, you also missed out on a few way fun facts that not many people know. But don’t fret — here’s a few of the funner facts.

  1. Four Loko was never actually banned anywhere. The founders, Chris Hunter, Jeff Wright and Jaisen Freeman, emphasizes that they only received government warnings for the abuse of the drink. If they did not reformulate the caffeine content, then only then would the drink actually get banned. The founders immediately cut the caffeine and saved Four Loko’s life.
  2. Hunter and Wright had a bit of practice before launching Four Loko. While they were still students at Ohio State, they had their own business of selling “Red Bull imported from Miami.” In actuality, they were buying soda from a nearby Asian grocery store and selling it to their fraternity brothers for profit.
  3. The Four Loko team, impressively, has no market research and no factories. In fact, they barely even spend money on marketing. Rather, they let their customers do the promoting. Most of their money is directed on getting the product into stores, making it available for customers to buy.
  4. Four Loko is freezable, and according to the founders, particularly delicious in the form of an ice pop. Of all the flavors available, Hunter recommends the lemonade flavor. It’s his personal favorite. Sounds great for the Fourth of July.