Ciao, amici. Scoozzi, an Italian restaurant that for 24 years served up its cuisine on Chapel Street, closed its doors Tuesday for good. The reasons for the closure remain unclear. Those attempting to call the restaurant were met with an answering machine message announcing the closure, and encouraging patrons to leave a message for the restaurant.

Constant vigilance? An off-duty Yale Police Department officer shot and wounded a man in the city’s Westville neighborhood Tuesday afternoon. The officer, who is not facing charges, noticed the man following him home from Crown Street’s BAR, pulled over, exited the vehicle and identified himself as a police officer. The man who had been following the officer displayed brass knuckles and approached the officer, who fired a single shot.

It’s official. NBC Sports will consolidate its Philadelphia and New York operations and move its headquarters to Stamford in September 2012, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced in a press conference Tuesday. The move will bring 450 jobs to the state, and will make Connecticut home to two major sports networks; ESPN is headquartered in Bristol.

Alderman Online. Ward 1 aldermanic candidate Vinay Nayak ’14 posted a video featuring footage from a Sept. 26 rally in front of Lanman-Wright Hall, to the tune of The Naked and Famous’ “Young Blood,” to his Facebook.

Never leave your room again! The Office of Undergraduate Admissions released a website offering virtual tours of campus, guided by virtual representations of real Yale students. The site offers tours of residential colleges, science buildings and athletic facilities, in addition to the general campus tour.

Aw, cute! In his “U.S. Lesbian and Gay History” lecture on Tuesday, professor George Chauncey asked students for help with his new iPhone 4S, pointing out that while he can teach them about the past 300 years of American history, students have a leg up in regards to modern technology.

Glorious consensual sex ed. Yale has the 14th-best sex ed program among American colleges and universities, according to the Daily Beast. The rankings, which were released earlier this month, consider schools on a variety of factors, such as the availability of condoms, STD and HIV testing, and the availability of anonymous advice. Princeton took third, and Columbia topped the list.


2005 Over 100 people, including around a dozen Elis, gather on the New Haven Green to mourn the 2,000 soldiers lost in the Iraq War.