Tyler Kemp, 19, stood in line in front of the Wicked Wolf tavern on Temple Street to audition for a spot on the Real World’s 27th season. He wanted to be a housemate because he’d “bring diversity” in the form of “doing stuff [his] own way.” Kemp indeed did things his own way — unbeknownst to the 19-year-old, the minimum audition age was 20.

While Kemp never even made it through the door, others hoped they could eventually land a spot in the house. In particular, according to a press release, MTV casting directors were in search of those “who have challenges living an everyday life that most take for granted.” While the casting director present refused to comment on the application and the audition process, past auditions in New Haven have involved a short questionnaire and a group interview.

But it seemed like those who were auditioning seemed to be a bit contrived.

Erinn Kulak, 20, thought she would make a great addition to the series’ 27th season, as she’d have a lot to share with her housemates.

“I have a lot of issues,” Kulak said. “I want to resolve them on the show — oh, and have a kick ass time, too.”

Kulak said she also aspires to be in the FBI, and would like the chance to discuss that goal on-camera with her housemates.

Other candidates just wanted the experience of living among strangers in a completely different environment.

“I like to meet new people and have new experiences,” Lauren Spitz, 22, said. “It’d be good to be in a new situation.”

Spitz’s friend, Deanne Black, 22, who stood in line with her, agreed. Black said that if she was cast on the show, she’d be interested in being out of her comfort zone.

“I think it’d be good to not have a home base to help you out,” Black said.