Christian Wilki was hard at work Wednesday preparing for this Friday’s grand opening of Chocopologie, his High Street chocolate boutique.

Chocopologie, New Haven’s first chocolate shop, will sell coffee, pastries, cakes, cupcakes and a wide array of homemade chocolate pastries, including seasonal bread pudding, chocolate chip cookies, molten chocolate cake, ice cream fondue, chocolate love, caramel brownie sundaes, chocolate covered raspberries, nutella brownies, caramel lime pies and other desserts that sound pretty good.

“We’ll just be a little chocolate shop,” Wilki said. Chocopologie is opening next door to the Little Salad Shop.

Prices will range from $6-15 per dessert. Their specialty, according to the manager, is Hannah, a caramel and sea salt bread.

The shop is based in South Norwalk, where the chocolate is made, but if business permits they hope to stay in New Haven for some time, Wilki said. He expressed enthusiasm, given that people are already walking by and asking if the shop is open. The shop is set to officially open Friday at noon.