If you had questions about how to run a business school, the Financial Times would tell you that Edward Snyder, dean of the School of Management, is your man.

In an article published Monday called “‘If you get the people right, they build the school,'” Financial Times reporter Della Bradshaw interviews Snyder, who has served as dean at both the University of Chicago and the University of Virginia’s business schools. The article highlights Snyder’s use of interpersonal relationships with students and faculty

“I believe the role of the dean is to clarify the position and the people follow,” Snyder told the Financial Times. “You reflect back to the faculty, students and alumni who they are. If you get the people right, they will [build the school] themselves.”

Indeed, in an interview with the News last spring, Snyder seemed very enthusiastic about meeting students and faculty as he started his term as dean. When asked about his plans for the school: “right now, it’s been a combination of throwing out ideas and listening to what people have to say.”