• The Apple store has drawn Yalies and Connecticut residents alike over the past three weeks with its innovative consumer electronics and minimalist brand of glass and steel. Gavan Gideon and Ben Prawdzik follow the journey that led to its opening last month, and look at what impact on the store might have on the city and University.
  • Five students were sent to Yale-New Haven Hospital after Saturday’s dance, and eight were transported to Yale Health, according to Yale Police Department Assistant Chief Steven Woznyk. Those figures matched the number of students taken to Yale-New Haven during the 2010 dance, when five to six students were reportedly hospitalized.
  • A former School of Management student and his professor are funding social enterprise efforts that helped motivate them to start their own company.

    Seth Goldman SOM ’95 and School of Management Professor Barry Nalebuff, who co-founded the beverage company Honest Tea, have donated half a million dollars to the SOM to create the Seth and Barry Social Enterprise Fund.


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