Forty-five percent of the Saybrook dining hall’s new, larger mugs have disappeared since the beginning of the academic year, according to an email sent by the Saybrook master’s office Tuesday afternoon.

But Saybrook is not alone — 60 percent of all of Yale’s new mugs have gone missing, according to the e-mail. The mugs have been used in dining halls across campus since the beginning of this year, part of Yale Dining’s switch to a uniform dining set. The email did not congratulate Saybrook students on the college’s below-average crime rate.

To encourage people to return the missing mugs, Saybrook dining hall has instituted an amnesty policy for mug thieves.

“If you have one or more of the mugs or plates in your suite, please return them to the SY Dining Hall, no questions asked,” the email said. “If you want to return them after the Dining Hall closes, please leave them in the bin just outside the Dining Hall door.”

Still no word on where the hundreds of free mugs from last year went.