We have no idea what happened here. Honestly.

On Saturday in Ithaca, Cornell (red) was up 10-0 over Wagner (white) in the first quarter. One of Wagner’s kicks had already been blocked, costing them a touchdown. Facing another punt situation, Wagner attempted one of the most complicated trick plays in football.

Cornell, however, was not fooled by Wagner’s trickery. They recognized the “Fake-Punt, Hook-and-Ladder, Intentional-Safety” play.

Just ask any football player with Ivy League experience: when the other player drops the snap, kicks it into your chest, picks it up again, and then makes a bee line towards his own end zone, making it almost all the way to the end zone, what do you do? You tackle him.

Cornell made the heads-up play, stopping Wagner just five yards short of the safety. The Big Red would go onto win 31-7.

Textbook Ivy League football. Great job, Cornell. Too bad you couldn’t make such brilliant plays against Yale.