An Ay! Arepa food truck has landed on York St.

With a menu of arepas, burritos and salads strikingly similar to the High St. Ay! Salsa, Yalies would be forgiven for confusing the two. That might also be because the owner and chef of the new food truck, Ernesto Garcia, was the chef at Ay Salsa for two years.

“My brother [Franco Gonzalez] and I went into Ay! Salsa together, and now it’s my turn to start my own business,” he said, speaking in Spanish. “[My brother] wasn’t too happy when I left.”

Garcia said he has not worked at Ay! Salsa since last week. He has never owned Ay! Salsa and Gonzalez has always owned it, he added.

The prices at Ay Salsa are more expensive than at Ay! Arepa, he said, adding that prices at his food truck range between $5 and $7. These prices are a “good deal” for students, he said.

Another food truck proprietor at the corner of York and Elm Streets, who declined to be named but declared he had been in business for 24 years, said his food truck would “be fine” despite the arrival of the Ay! Arepa food truck. Students will continue to buy his food, he explained.

Garcia added that he has another Ay! Arepa truck open right next to the Yale School of Medicine. Both will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m Monday to Saturday.