This weekend, as leaked in a post Friday on, Yale played host to the Yale Security Summit — a three-day conference organized by the Yale Society for the Exploration of Campus Secrets.

Featured speakers listed on the weekend’s program included:

Marc Tobias: an “investigative attorney and security specialist,” who has written seven police textbooks including one titled “Locks, Safes, and Security”

Tobias Bluzmanis: a “professional locksmith” of over 25 years who is now “an expert in Covert Methods of Entry and has developed many unique forms of bypass”

Matt Fiddler: a certified locksmith and Information Systems Security Professional, his “research into lock bypass techniques have resulted in many public and private disclosures of critical lock design flaws”

William Tafoya: a University of New Haven professor, with a PhD in criminology who worked with the FBI and later conducted research on the relationship between the internet and crime

Apparently, Tobias and Bluzmani managed to “compromise the security of Medeco high security locks, which are recognized as the most secure design in the United States.” The pair was scheduled to give a lecture Friday titled “Security Systems: Features and Flaws,” and participate in a workshop Saturday on security challenges. Perhaps luckily for Yale’s own security, this workshop was planned to take place after the campus tour.

Yet Yale’s locks aren’t the only ones at risk: a student who attended part of the event said Harvard and MIT students participated in the weekend Summit as well.