The Brown men’s hockey team might be the enemy every time it comes to Ingalls Rink, but some of the Bears deserve a little credit.

Six members of the Brown team were at the beach in Rhode Island a week ago when they did something that might make us forgive their upset of Yale last January: they saved three children from drowning.

Senior Mike Wolff told the Providence Journal that he was swimming when he heard a girl screaming nearby. She and a friend were caught in a rip current, and so Wolff and teammate Jeff Ryan swam to the girls, who were approximately 12 and 14 years old, and got them back to shore.

On the beach, one of the girls asked the pair to help her boyfriend, who was still caught in the current further away.

At that point, the four other Bears — including sophomore Dennis Robertson, who had worked as a lifeguard in his native British Columbia —raced to the rescue. Robertson and sophomore Mike Borge swam to the boy, put him on a surfboard and eventually got him to shore.

The players told the Journal that they did not learn the names of the children, and that the other people on the beach did not realize what had happened.

“The weird part to me was that 10 minutes later they’re gone and we’re sitting there thinking, ‘What just happened?’ ” Wolff told the Journal.

Five of the rescuers will be back in New Haven to play the Elis this winter. The sixth, David Brownschidle, graduated last year.