To our readers:

Unless this is your first time on this website — welcome, Class of 2015! — you’re probably noticing something different. We’ve redesigned in order to make your reading experience easier and more dynamic. On the homepage, we’ve attempted to draw your attention to more of our photographs and feature stories with the rotating slideshow, which will showcase images from across our sections. We’ve also highlighted our multimedia — videos and slideshows — as well as featured content from each of our news sections.

At the right side of the homepage you’ll see our news blog, Cross Campus. Last year you might have been confused about what blog you were reading. Was it Cross Campus our general news blog? The WEEKEND blog? Boola Boola, the sports blog? We’ve consolidated both the WEEKEND blog and the sports blog into Cross Campus. On the blog, you’ll now see tags for sports, WEEKEND, university news, city news, opinion and more. Both in print and online, Cross Campus survives on reader tips and comments, so keep them coming. Send tips and suggestions to

Our hope is that this website will be both simple and enjoyable to read, interact with, and watch; that you’ll find something new and interesting here every time you check back; and that you’ll continue to participate in a lively online community. Please let us know if you have any technical difficulties at


Vivian Yee, Editor in Chief

Esther Zuckerman, Online Editor

Special thanks go to Rachel Needle ’13, a production and design editor for the News, and Mike DiScala ’14, our web developer, who coded the entire site.