The New Haven Police Department rehired three more of the officers it laid off in February.

Amid budget cuts, the city laid off 82 employees in February, including 16 police officers, sparking a march on City Hall of more than 200 police officers. With the rehiring of three officers announced today, the city has brought back a total of six of those originally laid off.

The rehiring was made possible by continued reductions in the department’s overtime costs, Chief Frank Limon said in a press release. The department projects overtime savings of more than $1 million for the fiscal year ending June 30, he said.

City spokesman Adam Joseph said the overtime savings speak to good management at the top ranks of the department. Asst. Chief Patrick Redding, who was recently promoted in April to head the department’s patrol division, has played a key role in the reduction of overtime costs, Joseph said.

Most of the other 10 officers laid off in February have taken jobs in the North Haven and West Haven police departments.