A poster for Yale’s LGBT-interest publication, Q, was found vandalized tonight in Branford College, Co-coordinator of the LGBTQ Co-op Ryan Mendías ’13 said.

Mendías said that he discovered the vandalism at 8:45 p.m. The poster, hung on a bulletin board, was marked with a homophobic slur. Additionally, the slogan “Love is queer” was changed to “Love is not queer.” Mendías took the poster down and immediately contacted the dean and master of Branford College.

Mendías expressed disappointment at how, even after a month dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ pride on campus, the community is not immune to acts of bigotry from some.

Asked about an expected response by administrators, Mendías explained that, at the very least, he hopes either the Branford master or dean will send out a strongly worded statement condemning the vandalism. Mendías compared this incident to a similar one in April when an LGBTQ Co-op poster was intentionally burned in Vanderbilt. Unlike the Vanderbilt incident, Mendías explained that this recently discovered vandalism is undeniably an act fueled by homophobia and deserves a stronger response.

Branford Master Steven Smith declined comment tonight.