Have you been craving fried asparagus or three cheese fondue lately? We have, too.

The new Stiles Sustainable Cookbook, created by Ronit Abramson ’13 and Will Zhang ’13, the college’s Student Taskforce for Environmental Partnership (STEP) coordinators, is here to help.

“We focused on creating and collecting easy recipes that can be made with sustainability and the limitations of dorm-room cooking in mind,” Abramson said in an email.

Recipes include everything from the aforementioned fried asparagus to maple sweet potatoes. If you’re still not convinced that these options match your dorm-room cooking capabilities, there are more easy-to-make items too, like a fruit parfait.

The fruit parfaits, along with eggs and veggies, were served at Ezra Stiles’ Sustainable Brunch on Sunday organized by Abramson and Zhang. In the true spirit of sustainability, the food at the brunch was served in edible tortilla wrap cones, “so they involved as little waste as possible,” Abramson said..

The Stiles Sustainable Cookbook also offers recipes for whole-wheat pancakes, homemade pizza, and Rice Krispy treats.