Ever felt frustrated by the current Online Course Information system?

Now, there is another option for creating schedules. Two groups of undergrads competed head-to-head tonight at 7 p.m. in the YCC App Challenge with the similar proposed ideas of making a better version of OCI.

Yale Bluebook was created by suitemates Charlie Croom ’12 and Jared Shenson ’12 (former photo and production and design editors for the News, respectively). Stephen Hall ’14, Jan Kolmas ’14, and Geoffrey Litt ’14 developed the Bluebooker website.

“We think a redesign of OCI has been on everyone’s minds since the moment they set foot on campus,” Croom said. “The current system is dated and clunky and lack a number of features students have been requesting.”

While the Bluebooker programmers began their project right before Spring Break, the Yale Bluebook creators started after break.

Both sites were not created to make profit, but rather to make student’s lives easier, according to creators of both sites.

“We may expand a similar system to other universities in the future though, with a goal of making profit,” Litt said.

Looking forward, the Yale Bluebook team also has a plan.

“The end game is to try to get Yale to adopt our re-design as the official OCI,” Croom said.

Neither emerged victorious at the Challenge, though. Roammeo won.