1. Jamba Juice:

Nothing does it like a chilled fruit smoothie. I’m sick and tired of coffee, froyo, and bubble tea! Scrap Willoughby’s or Starbucks and blend up some Mango-a-go-go, Blackberry Bliss, and Aloha Pineapple. Please.

2. Any cheap clothing store:

J.Crew, Gant, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel. We can choose between these, Salvo, and the internet — can’t we get some mid-range clothing stores? Somewhere where a T-shirt costs less than $30? Forever 21? Something?

3. Chipotle:

‘Nuf said. Why make students drive 40 minutes for this godly stuff? Everyone wants it. Why can’t everyone get it?

4. Party World:

Birthdays are some of the most heart-warming, feel-good diversions from studying and are best celebrated with lots of loud, obnoxious decorations. Where can I buy helium balloons in bulk to fill an entire common room? We’re left with meager means to show proper appreciation to our suitemates.

5. Hands-On Pottery:

Did you ever go to one of those birthday parties at a pottery-painting place? If not, you missed out, big time. They’re all over the place — Pottery Piazza, The Claypen, The Clayroom, Paintable Pottery. Once you choose from an array of blank pottery pieces (mugs, plates, statues), you paint and glaze it (sometimes with sparkles!). And all this in just one afternoon! Talk about the perfect date.

6. 24-hour American Diner:

Who doesn’t want chocolate chip pancakes at 3 a.m.? By coming to Yale, we all say a tear-jerking goodbye to those early morning runs to the local diner, where the excitement of ordering anything on the menu (breakfast, dinner, or lunch!) never dies. Except that now it has. It needs to be revived.

7. The Container Store:

In cramped living quarters where maximizing space and visual appeal is imperative, the Container Store would be God’s gift to students. The shop has so many bins, shelves, hampers, and hooks, you’d find the perfect fit for every corner and door.

8. Victoria’s Secret:

Girls, you’ve finally found the time for a guy worth the time commitment, and you want to add some spice to your less-than-exciting undergarment wardrobe. And guys, for some not-so-subtle gifts for your girl, look no further. More importantly, another excuse not to do laundry.

9. Build-a-Bear:

Sometimes after finishing that 20-page final paper, you need to reminisce about those pre-Yale years. Or just hold something cuddly. Would you like a soft bunny or floppy giraffe or a good old fashioned teddy bear? Maybe in some Yale gear? The possibilities are endless.

10. “Coffee Shops”:

Think: Amnesia, Coffeeshop Mellow Yellow, Cum Laude Coffeeshop … just a few examples of Amsterdam’s unique establishments. Why not New Haven? Let’s be honest, there would be a huge and devoted clientele.