Fab four? Imitating the Beatles’ famous rooftop concert from their “Let it Be” documentary, a small group of students lip-synched three songs from the album on the Trumbull rooftop.

Fake-playing their instruments, the group jammed out to “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Get Back.” “I’ve Got a Feeling.”

Although group member Peter Damrosch ’12 said there are no plans as of yet for a follow-up concert, he added that this one was a long time coming.

“We were joking about it all semester,” Damrosch said. “And finally decided to do it.”

A crowd gathered on Elm Street to watch the spectacle with people taking photos and videos of the performance.

“I love those guys,” said one spectator.

The group performed for about 15 minutes, then packed up its speakers, instruments and computers and headed inside.