English professor and director of undergraduate studies Amy Hungerford said she is excited to get a taste of residential college life next year as an acting master in Calhoun College.

“I am just thrilled, Calhoun is just such a happy place,” she said, adding that Master Jonathan Holloway, who will take a sabbatical beginning this fall, has done a lot to build a strong community in the college. She felt that being master would allow her to “get to know the kind of life Yale students lead from a new perspective.”

Hungerford said she hopes to host master’s teas with young alums who have gone on to do interesting things without going to graduate or professional schools in order to show students the breadth of their options after Yale.

This semester will mark the end of Hungerford’s term as the English DUS, a post she has held for the past two and a half years. Hungerford said she is aware of the large amount of work required from a master, and added that she is slightly concerned about finding enough time to keep up with her scholarship. Still, Hungerford said she is excited for the job next year.

“I have always been interested in a job like a master’s job,” she said. “I think that doing this for a year is a great way for me and my family to find out if this is something we would be interested in being considered for in the long term.”

Hungerford joined Yale as an assistant professor in 1999.